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HEMPTEC is a manufacturer of hemp-based pharmaceutical products based in Estonia. Our advanced technology offers large capacity extraction for highest quality products.

About us

HEMPTEC is a manufacturer on hemp-based pharmaceutical products based in Estonia. The company was established in 2018 and it will build and operate a GMP-certified manufacturing facility in Estonia. The plant is fully functional in Q1/2021.

The team behind HEMPTEC has an extensive experience in the pharma, chemical, biofuel and commodities distribution industries. Baltic region is one of the principal hemp growing regions in Europe making Estonia a perfect place for the production of hemp derived products.

Partnership & Services

  • HEMPTEC offers production & supply chain know-how and partnership in turning hemp crops into high-value products meeting the most demanding customer requirements.

  • The skilfully designed facility together with high-quality production & versatile manufacturing process provides a turn-key service for all hemp extraction essentials.

  • The Baltic region with a long tradition of hemp growing offers an outstanding raw material supply by European standards.


HEMPTEC is setting up a GMP-certified manufacturing facility to Estonia that will be fully functional in Q1/2021. The plant will have a cold ethanol based high-volume extraction process initially having an extraction output of 5kg per day.

The facility is capable of producing several types of hemp-derived products meeting the requirements of most demanding clients. The final products can be anything from hemp oils to CBD/CBG or other cannabinoid crystals manufactured to customer specifications. The separation of terpenes is achievable with the latest technology.

The Team

We have an experienced team with background in pharma, manufacturing,
logistics and commodities industries ready to assist in you.

Mr. Aigar Ojaots

Aigar has a long experience in invest banking and commodities trading. He has been involved in the privatization of public utilities of Estonia in the 90s, in oil trading in early 2000s and setting up Estonia´s largest biodiesel plant in late 2000s and later on as a board member of several successful Baltic companies.

Mr. Aivar Noorem

Aivar has over 20 years’ experience is setting up turn-key production facilities in Estonia. He has been involved in setting up dairies, ready meal plants, CHP plants, protein production plants and grain terminals.

Mr. Maido Mölder

Maido has more than 15 years’ experience in export and sales. His main responsibilities are managing supply channels and building up export sales network in foreign markets. He is a founding member of Estonian first generic pharma company where he is responsible for supply on CMO level, logistics and connecting with European Union Falsified Medicine Directive (FMD) system.

Mr. Martin Henning

Martin has worked for pharma industry whole of his career and has a long experience in optimizing pharmaceutical production processes and the distribution of pharma products in Baltic markets. Most recently he has launched several innovative and generic pharma products in the region.

Mr. Nerijus Pocevicius

Nerijus is an expert in industrial chemical processes having worked in several positions in the chemical industry and commodities trading. During his career Nerijus has worked in management positions in a rapeseed producer in Lithuania, in a biodiesel plant in Estonia and later on as a commodities trader in the Baltics and Scandinavia (shale oil, shale gasoline; coal; SRN; gasoline components; HS diesel; wood chips/pellets).


Do not hesitate to contact us for your hemp extraction requirements - we are close by and ready to assist you.